2018/02/24 :NEW, Memory Collection Pack 08 - Horror Comedies (and more) is released!  More samples from Public Domain movies.
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  The pages below contain information and audio examples that are not available on Sampleism. The Free sounds are here too! 

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 Please note that, when available, the Kontakt version of a sample set is for the full version of Kontakt, not the Player. It will work only for 15 minutes in the Kontakt Player before going into a demo mode.

  Baby Piano     Chromatic Hits     Julie's Vocals Page    

  Julie Resynth     IYTTIW Modified Trumpet set     

  Kids Kits  (children vocal samples in wav, sfz, Caustic 2, NI Battery 3 and Kontakt 3.5 formats) 

  MC3A Electronic Keyboard      Memory Collections  (sounds from old movies and TV ads)    

  Out There  (Acoustic Jaw Harp and misc. electronic percussions/SFX) 

  Prepared Rhodes      Reed Organs      Sidekick Electronic Percussion 

  Soundfonts for AlgoMusic M42 Nebula  

  Marching Band Horn  (for Kontakt 4 or better and soundfont)

  Sounds for Caustic 2 and 3   (Android, iOS, PlayBook and Windows)  

  Sounds for iPad and iPhone (other than for Caustic 3)  


  Software Page

   YouTube video channel  with new videos regularly added 


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