Our official company forum on KVRaudio:
 A unique resource of Sound Effects, Music Samples and Music Tracks, with over 250,000 professional royalty free sounds from nearly 70 libraries on-line. Search audition and download virtually any sound instantly. We have some sounds there too.

 Maxime de la Rochefoucauld, composer, builder of mechanical musical automatons, also prepared the Rhodes:


 Makers of some of the music software we like, in alphabetical order.

 DashSignature and NUSofting:



 LinPlug Virtual Instruments:

 Psychic Modulation:

 rs-met (Straightliner):

 Single Cell Software, maker of Caustic: 



Useful Utilities:

Flash Renamer, very handy for batch renaming of files:


Other interesting web sites:

 KVR audio, everything about music and computers:

 Don't Crack, a good place to look for audio software:

 Kara-Moon, miscellaneous music related topics and info:

 Free Audio Plugins, download free plugins effects and virtual instruments:


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