Sample libraries of diverse original material with a special twist.

 Includes: Trumpet, horns, synthesizers and anything that makes a sound.
  Unique drums and percussion kits.
  Video games and Sci-Fi SFX ready to be explored.
 A collection with a wide range of moods and sounds.  Our motto is "Here and Elsewhere" .

 We are selling sample sets in various formats, most are available at Sampleism and our expansion packs for Single Cell Software Caustic are also available from Google Play. The Prepared Rhodes and the sounds for iOS apps are still available from our website.

 Also visit our Free sounds and Software pages to get free sounds and free VSTi plugins for Windows.

 The sounds available are all 16 bits, 44.1 kHz wave files and they are royalty free for use in your own music.

 You can also contact us to order custom made sounds, specifically designed for you, that will be unique to your projects. These sounds can be exclusively yours.

 Some of our sounds are featured in the release versions of:

 - Wusik EVE 2 (Prepared Rhodes light)   - NUSofting DK+ (exclusive ones)

 - Psychic Modulation Cortex 2 (exclusive ones)    - Psychic Modulation Aethereal

 - Odo's DR-Fusion 2     - FXpansion Geist     - discoDSP Discovery Pro

 - Single Cell Software Caustic (Android)     - Gestrument (iOS)




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