For the demos of our commercial sample sets, please visit their respective page via the Products page. On this page you will find tracks submitted by users featuring at least 1 of our sample sets, some of my improvisations and other stuff.  

 Click on the links to listen to them or right-click and "save target as" to download them.


 Audioscapist sent me this short cool track featuring Julie Scats Collection: Summer City

 Two tracks by Rainer Hilgers both combining samples from Vocal FX 1 and 2: 
 -Mobile ringtone for female vocals, bass, drums Zap    
 -For vocals, Chinese percussion, bs.clarinet, xylophon, clockwork and breath samples: 
Vertical Timescape

 Cafe Zvon by D.H. Miltz for the KvR October 2009 songwriting contest. All sounds are from my sample sets (Prepared Rhodes, Constellation soundfonts, IYTTIW, free Trumpet kits, free Marching Band Horn Mod) with reverb added.

  Bell Jam by Victor Lams. Here's what he wrote about it: "It should give a good glimpse into what the three Zvon BeatMaker 2 libraries can do. All of the sounds (except the drums, which are BM2 stock) are from Chromatic Hits, Baby Piano, and Julie Resynth. This was done entirely in BeatMaker 2. The only "cheat" is that the weird pad sound of the beginning is one of the samples from Chromatic Hits which I AudioCopied into Grain Science, then pasted back into BM2. Oh, and I "mastered" it after mixdown using the compression and EQ in MultitrackDAW."  

  State Azure made this great YouTube live stream with a modular system on October 6th, 2019. It's almost 40 minutes long and it builds up very nicely. He's using some spoken word samples from the Memory Collection packs to add an extra dimension to his track.

  Low Orbit:



 Zamp, our freeware sample player:

Zamping Mad, just a weird serie of loops using 3 instances of Zamp, 9 samples from our sets and nothing else.


 Improvisations by Zvon:

Piano musing                        EVEning in Crimson part 1              EVEning in Crimson part 2

 Here's one made with our Julie M42 soundfont: Nebula Exploring

 Just fooling around with the free Mixed Kit samples (on the Free sounds page): Mixed Kit    


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