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Various Stuff

 Mixed and Silly for Kontakt 4.2 or better (full version, not the player). It combines the Mixed Kit and the Silly sample set. Both contain the wav files and the Silly set also includes the soundfont version :  Mixed and Silly    

 Silly Kit for EG Pulse, a subset of the above, can be downloaded directly to an iPad : Silly Kit       


 Flight of Canada Geese on the Internet Archive

 My Music Maker toy keyboard (wav, soundfont, sfz, Kontakt 3), details and photo in file:  MyMusic Maker

 No Name Toy Keyboard (wav, soundfont, Kontakt 3), details and photo in file No Name Keyboard 

 LoFi Kalimba (wav, soundfont, Native Instruments Battery 3/ Kontakt 3, NuSofting DK+):  LoFi Kalimba 

 Smallest electronic keyboard (wav, soundfont, Kontakt 3), details and photo in file: Smallest Keyboard
 NanoStudio 2 version, watch the demo video: 


 Emulator X2 bank that includes the 3 sets above, works in Proteus VX and X2:  Zvon LoFi

 Three kits for Synapse Audio Orion, designed for the DrumRack and each kit has 12 samples.  The samples are from the Composite Bells, Julie Vocal FX 1 and the Prepared Rhodes Light and Clean.

 2 sets of mechanical musical automatons, more info and photographs in the readme files.  Both sets contain wave files: Wav files   sfz format variations

 Kits for FXpansion GURU (proprietary format): Sidekick kit Zvon 296 and Prepared Rhodes LC with edits by Steve Duda

 Kits for FXpansion Geist, visit the FXpansion Geist forum to download them.

Presets bank for AnaMark 2.20 (optimized by Mark Henning), no samples in here.

Free pack 01 56 waveforms and 105 presets for rs-met Straightliner

16 sample based patches for KarmaFX synth


 Pettinhouse acoustic drumkits

 By special agreement with Pettinhouse, we are offering you an edited version of their drumkits.  Both are mapped for the NUSofting DK+ and include the wav files. The samples are trimmed and normalised. This is because the original Battery kits that Andrea designed were taking advantage of its ability to select the starting point of the sample. But this was introducing a delay in the playback with the DK+ and some others samplers that do not have this feature. Download the 2 kits with the links below and don't forget to read the readme file as it contains more information.  Brush kits                Yamaha 9000 kit

 If you would like to have the Battery kits, or the other sample sets that Pettinhouse offers, please visit them here


 More stuff:

 Also visit our page on Kara-Moon for more freebies.


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