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Brass instrument audio samples

Marching Band Horn

Marching Band Horn for Kontakt 4 (or better, but not the Kontakt player)

The exact name of this instrument is unknown. It uses a French horn mouthpiece and the range is a little lower than a trumpet and a little higher than a trombone. To make most of the instruments in this set I played single notes and RESYNTHESIZED them to create multi-samples. In all cases the resulting tone is still very brassy and close to the natural one.  

Moreover, some samples are time-stretched so this library is definitely not meant to perfectly emulate the real instrument. It's a simple library without velocity layers or alternate samples but it is great for adding a horn flavor and also providing a wider range of uses, a good way to add brassy sounds to your compositions at a very low cost. The sounds range from smooth and mellow to hard hitting and growling, from staccatos and stabs to sustained pads. 

In the full version, the programs are in 2 main folders, "01 Natural" and "02 Transformed". The programs in the first folder play the samples as they are except for the added Kontakt reverb. The second folder contains instruments made with Kontakt's tone or time machines engines. The "01 Natural" folder contains 38 single instruments, 6 combis and 6 multis. The "02 Transformed" folder contains 13 single instruments and 7 multis. Two scripts are included.

For more info, view or download the PDF doc HERE

Kontakt 4 demo has 7 instruments in the "01 Natural" folder and 1 instrument and 1 multi in the "02 Transformed" folder. Download it HERE

Marching Band Horn soundfont 

This version is simpler than the Kontakt 4 version as Kontakt offers many tools that cannot be duplicated in a soundfont. All the samples are the same in both versions, but the soundfont does not have any combis, multis, scripts and various playback engines.
For instance, the above video features those sounds specific to the Kontakt 4 version, sounds that are not in the soundfont version even if both use all the same samples. Watch the video below to hear the soundfont.

For more info, view or download the PDF doc HERE
Download the demo soudfont HERE

Kontakt 4 version, $2.99 USD:


Soundfont version, $1.30 USD:


Bundle Kontakt 4 + soundfont versions, $3.75 USD:

NOTE: Caustic version is sold separately on Google Play (Android) and Loot Audio.

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