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  I wanted to create percussions that not only would sound great and offer versatility when sequencing. But that would also be fun to play in realtime on a keyboard or a drum pad with the velocity layers. I am very happy with the results. I named it Sidekick because it is a great add-on to any acoustic or electronic drums/percussions kits.  Even though it features plenty of kick drums, some snares and toms, the bulk of this set is made of original and unique percussive sounds and FX.

  There are 285 sounds (41 MB) including 152 with velocity layers (from 2 to 8, average 4 or 5) for a total of 809 samples. All were created with various softsynths.  

  Here are some MP3 examples of real time playing showcasing the possibilities offered by the velocity layers.  Each one uses only one sound played at different velocities. Not really great music but they do demonstrate well what can be achieved with the velocity layers:       

Bell Weird         Kick dist rev         Metallic 03         Perc 02         Seq 01         Snare 05

 More MP3s:  only samples from the set, no processing  loop 1,   loop 2,   loop 3   
 Short loop made with Boxsounds freeware step sequencer S16. Four samples used, on almost every step, each sample is either transposed, reversed or panned differently from the previous step: loop 4

 Excerpt from the rekkerd review:   "The Sidekick instruments ... have a special kind of velocity layers. Many of the instruments have completely different sounds for the same note, depending on the note velocity, which feels a bit weird at first but is actually of lot of fun."

 Available in soundfont, Kontakt 3, Battery 3 and wav file formats. Kits for FXpansion DR-008, LinPlug RM4 and NUSofting DK+ drum machines are included with the wav files. 


  Available for 4.99 (includes all formats), with a free downloadable demo, from Sampleism.
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