OUT THERE sample set  


"Once again Zvon has produced a lovely sample collection that is both unique and unusual, and useable at the same time."  from the rekkerd.org review, read the full review HERE

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  New : NanoStudio 2 format added

  470 samples, 32.6 MB

  Even though this set is small, it's quite diverse both in the origin (acoustic and electronic) and the types of sounds included. It is a mix of percussions and SFX in the form of sone-shot samples and hits, some with velocity layers. It's not meant to be the definitive anything but these samples can be useful in a wide range of musical settings to add different, varied and unique sonic colors. A good complement to any SFX library.

  The samples are grouped in folders and you will find below a description of each folder. Kits by folder for Kontakt 3 and the soundfont formats are provided. The kits are mainly designed to let users easily audition the samples of each folder.

  I have taken care to make the kits interesting and useful by themselves but I do think that the best way to use these samples is to select from the folders the ones needed for specific projects and then map them yourself in the sampler or drum sampler of your choice.     

  Folders description  

 - Acoustic (67 samples): 52 samples of a Snoopy Jaw Harp, 7 samples of 2 different handbells and a few others.

 - FX (147 samples): collection of various electronic SFX that can be further divided in the following categories, Machines and Electricity, Spacy and Others. Note that there's a subfolder with 20 of the samples looped.

 - Perc (25 samples): some electronic percussions.

 - Vel layers (159 samples): mix of electronic percussions/FX with velocity layers.

 - Vocoder (72 samples): short vocal FX made with the MicroKorg.

  Note that many samples could fit in more than one category, for instance all the vocoder samples could also be in the FX category. There are some stereo samples indicated by "st" at the end of their names.

  View the new PDF for more info about the NanoStudio 2 format!


  Available in Wave, Soundfont, sfz and Native Instruments Kontakt 3 and Battery 3 and NanoStudio 2 formats.

  Demo wav, soundfont, sfz, Battery 3, Kontakt 3     Demo NanoStudio 2     Complete list of samples (text file)



  All formats included for $3.99

  NOTE : the previous buyers of the Out There set can email me and, after verification, they will receive the NanoStudio 2 format for free!


  MP3 demos

  Pattern made with the "Mystery" set of 12 Jaw Harp and 12 Vocoder samples: Mystery

  Jaw Harp only: Mystery random

   Beat made with some of the electronic sounds: Electronic Percussions

  A different vibe with the Spacebirds, Machines and Vocoder. Dark ambient style:  Into the Spacebirds Shop

  Two examples of a single Jaw Harp sample played quickly with a random 12 steps pitch variation:

   Example 02          Example 05

  Pattern with various sounds.  Bass is from the Prepared Rhodes:  Honky Funk Plus 



  Art by Isabelle Lapointe 


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