Here you will find soundfonts specially designed for AlgoMusic M42 Nebula. 

  The soundfonts on this page is showcase the sound manipulation power of the M42, they are not real instruments emulation. Of course these soundfonts can be used in other soundfont players but the results are not really natural but still may be interesting, or not. The other sample sets available on our website are better suited to other players and samplers.

  The M42 Nebula is now freeware (Win) and is hosted with the permission of its developer HERE, on Westgate Sounds.


  Available in 3 packages costing 3.99 each from Sampleism:

  Julie M42     Constellation (bundled with Horn M42)     Cosmology (bundled with Machines M42) 

  Please email us if you have questions.  

  Julie M42

  The progams and the loops of the Julie M42 are designed to sound great in the M42. To get the most natural sound play from G2 to C4 (roughly). Some are similar but none are exactly alike, they are nice variations. There are 4 banks of 5 programs each that respond to the M42 bank selector. Most of the programs are multi-sampled.

  The emphasis in this soundfont is on showcasing the sound manipulation of the M42, not on real singing emulation. Of course this soundfont can be used in other soundfont players but the results are not really natural but most are still very interesting. If you are looking for realistic vocal samples, give a listen to our others Julie's collections.  


  Tim Conrardy, co-creator of the M42 Nebula created a bank of 32 excellent presets for this soundfont.

  Below are a few MP3 demos made using each only one preset of this bank. All MP3s have only one track and only the internal processing (part of tne presets) of the M42 Nebula is used.

  Pads:          Dark Shadows           Earth Talk               Other Worlds            Prayer Oooh

  Leads:        Distorto Voyce           Voycer Lead

  Rhythmic:   Movemento               Pyc RYM

  Others:        Space call                Warp you



  The programs are arranged in 4 banks of 5 to suit the M42 bank selector. All sounds are derived from samples that were resynthesised except Didgifrog and Triple Arptron that were made with softsynths. All are original recordings except the four Iowa U ones. All are multi-sampled and looped except one (trombone is not looped). 

  List of the source material for the different programs:
  Female voice - Organic, Bending up, Multiple long, Multiple medium, Multiple 02, Humph, Vocal swell.
  My own trumpet - Heavy vibrato 2, Heavy vibrato 3
  Bamboo wind chimes - Loop 02, Loop 03, Loop 04, Loop 05a, Loop 05b
  University of Iowa samples - Bass clarinet, Clarinet, Tenor trombone, French horn

 Bank 1  Bank 2  Bank 3  Bank 4
 Organic  Humph  Triple arptron  Loop 02
 Bending up  Vocal swell  Bass clarinet  Loop 03
 Multiple long  Didgifrog  Clarinet  Loop 04
 Multiple medium  Heavy vibrato 2  Tenor trombone  Loop 05a
 Multiple 02  Heavy vibrato 3  French horn  Loop 05b



  Demos are dry and made in a regular soundfont player, so this is the actual sound of the samples. All are one track and only the program that the name refers to is used.

 Bending up  French horn  Didgifrog  Humph
 Bass clarinet  Heavy vibrato 2  Loop 02  Multiple 02
 Multiple medium  Triple arptron  Vocal swell  


  M42 presets demos, all are 1 track and 1 preset is used for each, no external processing.  34 presets included.

 Angel voices  Cosmic awareness  Cosmic swarm  Crossroad
 Galactic phone  Maelstrom  Pluto  Robots are here
 Space birds  Strings wash    



  The cosmology soundfont contains more "mainstream" samples that my previous soundfonts for the M42 Nebula but still has its fair share of "experimental" samples. Programs are arranged in 4 banks of 5 to suit the M42 bank selector.

 Bank 1  Bank 2  Bank 3  Bank 4
 String 1  Seq 2_80bpm  Chant  Drifting 1
 Plucked 1  Seq 2_120bpm  Scat M42  Drifting 2
 Strings Z  Seq 4_80bpm  M51 Serenity  Tough Horn
 Syn strings  Seq 2_120bpm  M51 Horns 1  Trumpet Mod
 M51 Robochat  Cheekattchack  M51 Horns 2  Parisian Spring


  All are 1 track and only 1 preset is used in each, no external processing. Name of track corresponds to the name of the preset featured. Please don't focus too much on my humble playing. The examples are rather simple, my intention was to show the sound of the presets. The current bank has 41 presets. 

 Big Brass in Space  Cyborgs Robochatting  Juicy Rhythm  Deep Space FX
 Creation of the Universe  Lead 1  Mean Lead  Small Critters 02
 March of the Earthlings  Lost Outpost  Big Strings 02   Nebulous Brass 
 Discovering   Robotic Choir   Cosmic Sorrow (for TC)   Asteroids
 More Asteroids   Cosmic Keys 01   Space Circus   Drifting Away 
 Circle of Drifts  Madness   Circle of Drifts 2   Cosmic Keys 3 
 Cosmologic Beat   Cosmologic Rhythm   Voices in your Head   Synth Only 
 Aetheral Horns   Galactic Delirium     


  Zvon Horn for M42 NEBULA

  "I've been playing with this SF2 in M42, and it sounds great!  Lots of unusual textures, and not just horn sounds of course...very full bodied pads and also leads can be had. This is a good extra sound set for the M42."   > Tim Conrardy, creator of the M42 Nebula

  This soundfont is a variation of our Zvon Horn 02 (now discontinued) made specially for the M42. There are 4 banks of 5 programs and they respond to the M42 soundfont selector. Just by loading it instead of the factory soundfont, you get a whole new bunch of sounds. It does not contain original presetsIt is bundled with the Constellation soundfont.

  MP3 demos:   Mellow Long      Winding down      Psychedelia

  IMPORTANT: The Marching Band Horn for Kontakt 4 + soundfont is a different product and to buy it, you have to go to its own page.


 Machines M42

  Machine like loops, great for weird SFX.  Mix of acoustic and electronic sounds. All programs consist of 1 sample only, so they speed up or slow down across the keyboard. Even though they may have some pitch content, they are  not meant to play melodies. Like  the Zvon Horn, load it instead of the factory soundfont and you get a whole new bunch of presets. It does not contain original presets.

  It is bundled with the Cosmology soundfont.


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