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  Soundfont for AlgoMusic M42 Nebula*

These soundfonts are designed to showcase the sound manipulation power of the M42, they are not real instruments emulation. Programs are arranged in 4 banks of 5 to suit the M42 bank selector. Of course they can be used in other soundfont player but the results are not really natural but still may be interesting. The other sample sets available on our website are better suited to other players and samplers.

Available in 3 packages costing £1.99 each from Loot Audio (with audio examples to listen to): 

- Constellation (bundled with Horn M42)

- Cosmology (bundled with Machines M42)

- Julie M42  

All programs of Constellation are multi-sampled and looped except trombone. 
Source material includes:
- Female voice
- Softsynths
- Trumpet
- Bamboo wind chimes 
- University of Iowa samples

Progams and loops of Julie M42 are designed to sound great in the M42. To get the most natural sound play from G2 to C4 (roughly). Some are similar but none are exactly alike. Most of the programs are multi-sampled. 

Tim Conrardy, co-creator of the M42 Nebula created a bank of 32 excellent presets for this soundfont.

Cosmology soundfont contains more "mainstream" samples that my previous soundfonts for the M42 Nebula but still has its fair share of "experimental" samples.

Cosmology can also be purchased with the button below for $2.49 USD:

*The M42 Nebula and other great AlgoMusic synths (Win) are now free and hosted on the Internet Archive.


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