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Free Sounds 

Everything on this page is free!! But if you want to support me, you may join me on Patreon! Support me for as low as $1 a month to help me create more free content and get exclusive, Patreon only, small sample packs as monthly rewards.


NOTE: Depending on your browser, downloads may start automatically or you may have to right-click on the links and use the "save as" command to download and save the files.

Looking for the Memory Collection free packs, they have their own page!


The free synth presets have moved to the Synth Presets page, with the commercial ones!


Excelsior Accordion Mini Pack 1
47 one-shot samples (33.5 MB) from my Excelsior Digisyzer accordion, more info in the included doc.
Download:   Excelsior Mini 1

Excelsior Digisyzer accordion

"But I Don't Want to Rule the World" sample HERE
This sample is part of Memory Collection 07 - Crime Movies but I am making it free so everyone can download it and use it in their own “I Don’t Want to Rule the World” projects! (like this one below)

Three free Slapstick Kits, samples are a selection from my monthly Patreon reward packs 26 and 27. Source of the samples is a classic slapstick 1949 short movie that is in the Public Domain. The three following formats are currently available. Note that the Battery 4 version groups the 3 kits in a single larger kit. As the wav files are included in all downloads, they can be used in any software / hardware that can import samples in wav format.       
   Logic Pro Drum Machine Designer     Native Instruments Battery 4     FAC Drumkit version on Patchstorage

24 Free Presets for Tracktion Novum granular sampler (Mac/Win), all based on Zvon original samples : Zvon01
I am still new to Novum and it's the first pack I have created for it. First video demo is below and the second one is HERE.


Free Presets for Bleass and Jordan Rudess Samplewiz 2 sampler (iOS), most are experimental sound effects, PDF with import info and list of presets included in downloads :  Samplewiz 20       Samplewiz 37 (Temporarily unavailable!)          

Second video demo is here

Three free kits for Native Instruments Battery 4 drum sampler, samples are a selection from my first 19 monthly Patreon reward packs. These packs are diverse and unique with acoustic percussions, found sounds, sounds from vintage Public Domain TV shows and ads, processed and electronic sounds. Each of the 3 kits features 16 samples from these packs.        Download: 3 free Battery 4 kits      There's a FAC Drumkit version on Patchstorage

28 free presets for HumbleTUNE Tardigrain (iOS), samples are included in the zip (aiff format). They are from various sample sets I created over the years (more info in download) : Tardigrain Vol 1      PDF doc (also in download)

Doug Woods (The Sound Test Room) showcases Tardigrain 1.1.1 update and some of my presets (at 8:50) in this video.

Free expansion pack for Audiomodern Playbeat 3 (iOS, Mac, Win), selection of samples from my first 12 Patreon Reward packs, wav files are included so they also be used in many software samplers, apps and hardware samplers : Playbeat3 pack + wav



7 kits for Flip Sampler (iOS),
includes 2 new samples and others from various sample sets. List is included in the downloads:   Flip Kits     Samples only (for use with other apps/software)

Mixed and Silly for Kontakt 4.2 or better (full version, not the player).
It combines the Mixed Kit and the Silly sample set. Both contain the wav files and the Silly set also includes the soundfont version : Mixed and Silly

Silly Kit for EG Pulse, a subset of the above, can be downloaded directly to an iPad : Silly Kit       

Flight of Canada Geese on the Internet Archive

My Music Maker toy keyboard (wav, soundfont, sfz, Kontakt 3), details and photo in file: MyMusic Maker 

No Name toy keyboard (wav, soundfont, Kontakt 3), details and photo in file: No Name Keyboard  

LoFi Kalimba (wav, soundfont, Native Instruments Battery 3/ Kontakt 3, NuSofting DK+): LoFi Kalimba  

Smallest electronic keyboard (wav, soundfont, Kontakt 3), details and photo in file: Smallest Keyboard 

NanoStudio 2 version, watch the demo video: 

Emulator X2 bank that includes the 3 sets above, works in Proteus VX and X2: Zvon LoFi

Mechanical Musical Automatons, wav and sfz downloads contain more info and photographs in the readme files:    Wav files     sfz format     Koala Sampler   Watch the video in Koala Sampler!



Kits for FXpansion GURU:  Sidekick kit     Zvon 296     Prepared Rhodes LC  with edits by Steve Duda 

Kits for FXpansion Geist, visit the FXpansion Geist forum to download them. 

Two kits, each one made from a longer Memory Collection 08 sample that was sliced in VirSyn Reslice.  They are mapped for NanoStudio 2 and the zip contains the wav files, so they can be used in any app or software that loads wav files.    Kit 1:  Glitchy Phone         Kit 2:  Doing Here

Watch the video HERE   

Two presets for sEGments,
1 jaw harp and 1 strings:    Download     Watch the video  

Jaw harp samples are from the Out There sample set and the strings sample is from Memory Collection 07 - Crime Movies.

Four new presets for sEGments:    Download     Watch the video   

Eight new presets for sEGments  Download    Watch the video 

"What" Cubasis MiniSampler presetDownload    Samples only (wav)    Watch the video

IYTTIW sample set

IYTTIW stands for "If You Think This Is Weird". A very unique set based on original trumpet samples. Its diminutive size packs a big sound. Perfect on its own or for doubling other sounds. I played and recorded some trumpet and made samples from the performance. Then I processed the samples to alter their timbral and spectral quality. In some of them you can still hear the trumpet and in others you could not guess their origin. 

It was originally a commercial set and had been unavailable for a while. I am releasing it now for free. It contains 41 multi-sampled programs without velocity layers that are common to all formats. All are short sounds, no pads here. It's very well-suited for staccato playing and sequencing.

It has 551 samples for a small size of 15.7 MB and is offered in the following formats: wav, sfz, soundfont, Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 or better (full version, not the free Player).

All formats are in this single DOWNLOAD

Kontakt 3.5 version additionally has 21 multis and 50 instruments made with the Tone and Time machines that greatly expand its sound palette. These stretched instruments usually have longer durations than the basic samples, 14 of them with sustain. There are 94 instruments and multis in total. 

Here's an audio example using a few samples with pitch randomization:  IYTTIW in QuadZamp

This set was previously a commercial release and it's now FREE!!

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