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Memory Collection 09 -
Sounds from Christmas Past / Winter Holidays

Samples from 15 Public Domain TV shows and 29 ads (including 14 toy ads) from the 50's and 60's. Most of TV shows are Christmas or New Year's Eve specials but two were regular episodes.

Though the source TV shows are mostly related to Christmas or New Year's Eve, many of the samples can be used in other contexts too as diverse sounds are included.
Download or read the PDF documentation (with screenshots).

Samples include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx/foley and music.

16 bits, 44.1 kHz
- 1,305 samples unmapped one-shot wav, 589 MB

Complete list of samples

MC 09 demo pack (119 samples)
Includes additional info

Glyn from Sampleism made this fun audio collage with some of the samples:
Mixed Holidays

Short audio example made using 15 non "Christmassy" samples of the MC 09:

Some samples may reflect stereotypes and prejudice of their times and original creators. They may express racial prejudice, sexism, social stereotypes, ignorance and/or poor knowledge of other cultures (for instance accents that are deemed insulting today).

The views and opinions expressed in these are those of their original creators and do not necessarily reflect my opinions.

I verify that the source videos are in the Public Domain by searching the web, there are lists of PD movies and websites dedicated to them. Before I decide to use a video, I find at least 2 sources that say it is Public Domain. Of course I try to avoid errors but I am not giving any legal guarantees about the PD status of any source video either.

Also, here in North America, there are bargain-price DVD labels that offer PD movies. Many of the movies I have used come from my personal collection of such DVDs.

MC 09 Winter Holidays

Memory Collection pack 09 is $7.00 USD:

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MC 09 man
                  in tree
MC 09 skating
MC 09
                  keep out

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