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Prepared electric piano audio samples

  Prepared EP mobile version (soundfont and wav files)

The sampled instrument is a real electric piano that was prepared as John Cage and others prepared an acoustic piano. That means inserting springs, plastic tubes, pins, all kinds of objects inside the piano. These objects when touching the strings or the tines change the sound of each key played. All the notes can be radically different from each other and often the original sound is not even recognizable. The result is an instrument that is much more percussive in nature. 

The set includes a soundfont with 67 instruments and 79 samples in wav format. Added in november 2019: two sets of kits, one for EG Pulse drum machine/sampler and one for NanoStudio 2 Slate instrument.  Note that previous buyers of this set can email me if they want the 2 new formats. After verification, they will receive them for free. 

The demo set has a 16 instruments soundfont and 16 samples. View or download the PDF HERE.
Download the demos:     wav + soundfont     NanoStudio 2 kits     EG Pulse kits

The more extensive computer version (wav, different soundfonts, Native Instruments Battery 3 and Kontakt 3) is HERE. The mobile version can be bought by itself or it is also now bundled with the computer version. 

  Buy the Mobile version only for $1.99 USD:  

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