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"Baby Piano sounds exactly like you would expect: a broken, fragile sounding toy piano. It’s a perfect example of how something one might consider to be trash can still be used to create some lovely instruments. I find it inspiring"
Excerpt from the Rekkerd review, read the full review HERE

Baby Piano

Baby Piano is a Chinese Toy Piano I found at a flea market and it obviously has seen better days. There are 2 keys missing, its casing is worn out and there are loose parts in it. The sound is not even from one key to another partly because the mechanism of some keys is damaged and it's also not in tune.

It's nonetheless lovely and its sound begged to be sampled. I did not stop there and I also created 19 unique resynthesized sounds from the original samples. These can be used as electric pianos, keys and/ or bells. 

16 bits, 44.1 kHz
- wav
- sfz
- soundfont
- Kontakt 3 or better (full version, not the free player) 

27 programs (sounds), 209 MB

Baby Piano free contains the 14 keys but without velocity layers and 3 of the resynthesized sounds for a total of 4 programs/sounds (20.1 MB).

Download it here, note that the wav files are in the Kontakt download and are needed for the sfz and Wusik V5 formats:
- Soundfont
- Kontakt 3 + wav files 
- sfz + Wusik (wav in previous download)  

Sweet Tine   
Strong Buzz   
3 layers (with phaser)

              toy piano audio samples

Baby Piano + Baby Bells, $5.99 USD (includes all formats):



Also available from Loot Audio, HERE

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