IYTTIW stands for "If You Think This Is Weird". A very unique set based on original trumpet samples. Its diminutive size packs a big sound. Perfect on its own or for doubling other sounds. 551 samples for a small size of 15.7 MB.

  I played and recorded some trumpet and made samples from the performance. Then I processed the samples to alter their timbral and spectral quality. In some of them you can still hear the trumpet and in others you could not guess their origin.

  What really makes these sounds unique is the fact that even when they do sound synthesized, they retain the pitch modulations of the original trumpet performance which would be impossible to reproduce with a standard synthesizer. It contains 41 multi-sampled programs without velocity layers that are common to all formats. They are all short sounds, no pads here. It's very well-suited for staccato playing and sequencing.  

  It is offered in the following formats:  
-wav   -sfz   -soundfont   -Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 or better   -Wusikstation 5.8 or better

  The Kontakt 3.5 version additionally has 21 multis and 50 instruments made with the Tone and Time machines that greatly expand its sound palette. These stretched instruments usually have longer durations than the basic samples, 14 of them with sustain. There are 94 instruments and multis in total.

  The Wusikstation version has 49 additional presets for a total of 90 presets, many combining the  IYTTIW waveforms with some of the Famous Keys ones.

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  Tracks made with the basic samples:  Demo 01c (4 sounds with extra percussions)     Demo 02 (4 sounds)     Made with our own Quad Zamp     Bach Two parts Invention No. 13 (1 sound - Going Bassoon)

  Tracks made with the Kontakt version: Bach Sinfonia (multi -Big Retro Organ)   Bach idem (multi -Another EP)  Same piece with 3 different multis:  Dangerous Cheez low     Hard Cartoon     Short and Tough                  Pieces featuring multiple sounds:  Danger Ahead (5 sounds + acoustic drums)    For the Birds (4 sounds)             Tracks with one sound:  Bach Toccata intro     Old Fading Keys

  The Bach MIDI files used in the above demos are from the Johann Sebastian Bach MIDI Page.

  The Wusikstation version has 90 presets (v 5.8 or better). Many combine the IYTTIW waveforms with some of the Famous Keys ones. Below are short MP3 demos of some of the presets. All were played in real time and use only one preset each. I do not pretend it's great keyboard playing but they do showcase the sounds well. 

Angels are coming           Delicate space 01           Fantastic ocean             Going                Haunted                           Multiplex                         Nice keys                       Orchestral rainbows            Organized space 02         Pluck pad                        Wintery                          Funny keys                      Morphed obligatus           Multimodus                     Crumbling continuum 04


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